“We aim to tackle new challenges with enthusiasm, dedication and excellence that has been true of all of our operations to date.”

Family owned and operated, it is fair to say that PCB is a true Western Australian success story. Established in 1994 by Peter Brady, the business has grown from humble beginnings and now employs over 40 experienced staff.

Embracing a culture of innovation, PCB is committed to delivering leading edge and customer focussed solutions that surpass industry standards and expectations. We offer our clients an experienced team with a diverse range of skills, matched by our can-do-attitude.

Our locally based staff undertake work within the metropolitan and remote regional areas – put simply, we go where our clients need us. This willingness to listen and work closely with our clients, coupled with our proven ability has seen us deliver some of Western Australia’s most difficult and significant projects.

Trusted by our numerous clients, we offer a wide range of services including our highly regarded emergency response capability that means we can be on-site, ready to plan and take appropriate action, where and when needed.

PCB’s vision is to manage the safe removal and disposal of all that remains of ACMs in Perth and regional WA, and we are ready to take on jobs of all sizes to turn that vision into a reality.

Meet The Team

Boasting a diverse range of unique skills and experience, our team of over 40 includes specialists in environmental, civil and building delivery. Locally based, the team comprises experienced Project managers, project engineers, site supervisors, safety supervisors, estimators, contract administrators, plant operators, trades, foremen, leading hands and labours, each delivering dozens of projects around the state every week. This team is ably supported by our head office that includes finance, HR, plant management, business development, IT, safety, environmental, and quality specialists.

We truly believe that our greatest asset is our people and know that it is through the hard work of our teams across the business that PCB has continued to grow, surpassing the requirements of our clients, and extending the boundaries of performance.

Sheldon Brady

Managing Director

E sheldon@pcbwa.com

M 0418 914 599

Daniel Smolic

Operations Manager

Denise Acha

General Manager Defence & National Security Projects

Carey Geldenhuys

WHS Manager

May Ooi


Nathan Brady

Site Manager

Kurtis Kavanagh

WHS Advisor

Rob Lock

Warehouse Manager / Fleet Manager

Josh Osboine

Site Supervisor

Dale Simpson

Site Supervisor

Asbestos Removalists

Demolition Teams

Civil Operators



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Our process

We understand that due to the nature of asbestos and its associated removal, providing our customers with peace of mind is paramount, comforted by the reassurance that their valuable business and livelihood is safe.

Our robust removal process begins with a thorough site visit to identify potential and existing hazards. Once a removal plan has been formulated, we liaise with key stakeholders to alert them of potential disruptions and impacts, moving efficiently complete the required work with minimal inconvenience.

Throughout the entire process, we keep our customers informed of progress, and at conclusion of the work, provide concise and rigorous documentation vouching for the complete removal of ACMs from the site.

As you can expect from an industry leader, our experienced team takes pride in all that we do, delivering a customer focused service that is above industry standards and meets all relevant legislation requirements.

Our asbestos removal process gives our customers peace of mind, knowing their businesses are safe. We begin with a thorough site analysis to identify hazards. We will liaise with neighbours to alert them of any potential disruption and make sure that the job is done as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimise any inconvenience.

Throughout the removal process, we maintain rigorous documentation to keep our customers updated on the progression of their asbestos removal. Upon the completion of the job, we provide documentation to vouch for the complete removal of ACMs from the site. At PCB we pride ourselves on offering a complete service that is above industry standard; ensuring that all asbestos is disposed of in a legal and safe manner.


PCB is committed to delivering leading edge and customer focussed solutions. We offer our clients an experienced team with a diverse range of skills, matched by our can-do-attitude.

  1. 1. Site analysis to identify hazards
  2. 2. Alert customer and stakeholders of any potential hazards
  3. 3. Quickly and efficiently remove any potential hazards
  4. 4. Maintain rigorous documentation
  5. 5. Keep our customers updated on the progress
  6. 6. Job completion - provide documentation to vouch for the complete removal of ACMs from the site

Our Values & Culture

Commitment to Excellence


  • Ethics, integrity, honesty and professionalism
  • To inspire and make a difference
  • Commitment to excellence


  • Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be
  • Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value
  • Be a highly effective, lean and fast moving organisation


  • To deliver results
  • To honour all promises and commitments
  • To provide best in class customer service that gives gratification to our customers
  • To use innovation to tackle some of the biggest challenges